Rapida kids

Our training offer for those aged 9-12.

Here we combine light strength training and endurance training in the form of play and fun activities.

The content varies each time and the classes are led by experienced and skilled instructors, who create a safe environment for everyone who participates.

To participate in the KIDS classes, a membership is required. The Rapida Kids membership only gives access to the classes which are always led by an instructor.

Classes run Monday through Thursday. The training sessions start at different times so that as many as possible should have the opportunity to participate at a time that suits each week.

The starting times are from 16:15 to 18:00, and each class lasts 60 minutes.

Get in touch and arrange a trial lesson:

What can you expect in training?

We set up the weeks so that they are varied and fun for the children. Although the offer is available several days a week, we do not expect the children to participate in all the training sessions, but rather that they choose what they want to take part in. Rapida Kids is mainly about the children experiencing that activity and training together with others is fun, and achievement, achievement etc. is never a topic in these classes.

Below is an example of what a week might look like:

How does it work?

The children get access to our membership app with their own username and password. The app provides access to the center + booking of the classes they wish to attend.

The member app is clear and easy to use. Access is locked to the times set up for Rapida Kids, and the children will not have access to the center outside of these times. 

Payment and registration

Rapida KIDS is paid like any other membership with us. The monthly fee is deducted via AvtaleGiro, which is created by the guardian.

Enrolling in Rapida KIDS is super easy, and is done in 3 simple steps.

  1. Fill in the child's personal details. It is important that the child has his own mobile number and e-mail.
  2. Fill in the personal details of the guardian. It is important that the mobile and e-mail are different from the child's.
  3. The agreement is signed with BankID.

Monthly price: NOK 299/month

The membership is non-binding, but has a notice period of 1 month starting from the first month after the notice is delivered.


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