If you are unsure whether you want to become a member with us, we offer a free and non-binding trial session. Fill in the form on this page and we will contact you. You can also turn up at the center you want to try during staffing hours.

NOTE: Trial lessons must always be agreed upon before they start, and are only available to people with a permanent address in Bodø.

You can become a member in two ways:

Option 1: Registration online via this website. Click here to go to our main page.

Option 2: Registration at the reception at one of the centres. Note that the different centers may have different staffing times. You will find updated staffing times at each centre here

A membership with us gives access to several centers and various training environments. Both Rapida Training and Rapida Pluss give access to all "ordinary" centres.
See list:


Rapida Balance is an exclusive fitness center located in the center of Bodø. Here you will find training, group training, membership for those who want something more, as well as a SPA department with whirlpools and saunas. To access this centre, you must have a Balanse membership. 

You will find a complete overview of all our memberships here

When you become a member with us, you get access to our member app. This is used, among other things, to open the door and gates at the centre.

To log in, use:

  • Mobile number
  • Sent password


All members get a free start-up session with PT. You book this by contacting the coach you want to use. Click here to read more about our personal trainers:

If you want to change your membership, this must be done one month before you want the change to take effect.

Example: If you want to go from Training without binding to Training with binding and this is notified on 15 January, the change will take place on 01 March.

Membership can be frozen for up to two months per year. If you want to freeze your membership, you must notify the center in writing ( no later than one month before you wish to implement the freezing period. We only have the opportunity to freeze whole months. It is free to freeze membership, and if your membership is within the lock-in period, the lock-in period will be shifted corresponding to the freezing period.

Example: You want to freeze the membership, and notify this on 15 January.

Membership will then be frozen from 1 March.

Freeze notification is sent by e-mail to
NB: You must not change anything on your direct debit during the period the membership is frozen.

If you wish to terminate your membership, this must be done in writing by email ( Terminations received by phone, Facebook or private messages to employees / personal trainers etc. are not valid. The termination is only considered valid when it has been confirmed. If you have not received confirmation within 7 days, please contact us again.

The notice of termination must contain:

  • Name
  • Mobile phone
  • Registered Email
  • Reason for termination 

When you submit a notice of termination, you will also be billed the following month.

Example: You hand in your resignation on 15 January. Here you will be invoiced for the last time for the month of February.

Binding time

Binding period means that you must pay a minimum of 12 monthly membership fees before the membership can be terminated. This is something you agree upon when you sign up for membership. If you resign after the binding period has expired, there will be a notice period.

If you have chosen a non-binding membership, there will still be a notice period.

Termination period

The notice period means that the membership will expire the following month after the notice has been delivered to Rapida. For example, if you resign in January (regardless of the date), the membership will expire in February, unless you have a lock-in period.


All members have access to the app. The app is used, among other things, for access control and booking.

In addition, you will find an overview of the following:

  • Phone (can be changed in the app)
  • Email (can be changed in the app)
  • Address (can be changed in the app)
  • Link for creating AvtaleGiro
  • Status of your AvtaleGiro
  • Own visitor statistics
  • The centre's visitor statistics
  • Overview of bookings
  • Invoice overview


Download the app for IOS here

Download app for Android here

  • Training membership
  • Group training with an instructor
  • Spa and Wellness
  • Squash
  • Cage ball
  • Barge
  • Personal training
  • Body analysis

See main menu for more information about each centre

We have a separate category for people who are students, honors and who work offshore.

You will find prices and descriptions below on this page

The use of doping is strictly prohibited.
In all cases where the use of doping is detected, Rapida will immediately report the matter to the police.
We at Rapida take the strongest possible stand against all use of illegal preparations, and in case of suspicion you can be taken out for a check.

  • It is therefore important that shoes are placed in the shoe racks when you arrive at the centre
  • Be kind and polite to everyone who stays in the centre
  • Remember to wash the equipment you have used well so that it is clean and ready for use by others
  • Throw rubbish and paper in the bins
  • Always train in clean clothes. Pay close attention to cleanliness and body hygiene
  • Encourage others to use the equipment when you have a break
  • Photography or filming of other members or staff is not permitted without explicit permission. Photography or filming in the dressing room when other members are at the venue is strictly prohibited.
  • Children sitting/lying in prams or car seats can be taken as long as they are not a nuisance to others at the centre. Children who can walk should not be taken to training
  • Avoid wearing perfume when you are at the centre. This is with regard to allergies

All Rapida memberships are private. This means that only the person who owns the membership can use it. Members are under no circumstances permitted to admit others. Violation of this will result in a fee of NOK 5,500.

If someone you know wants to try out Rapida before signing up, this can be done via a free and non-binding trial session. This can easily be ordered via

NOTE: Trial lessons must always be agreed upon before they start, and are only available to people with a permanent address in Bodø.

Ordinary membership 
To have a training membership in Rapida, you must be at least 15 years old and turn 16 in the current year.

Rapida Young membership
This membership is valid for people who turn 15 this year, and lasts until they turn 18. After turning 18, the membership changes to the recommended price. People who have completed the Rapida Ung course can buy this membership from the age of 13.

Rapida Young course
Our youth course is adapted to young people between 13 and 15 years of age. Young people who have completed and passed the course can buy an ordinary training membership in Rapida before the actual age limit. Read more about the course here.

Rapida Kids
This is a separate concept for children between 9 and 12 years of age. This gives access to separate hours that are specially adapted to exercise, activity and play for children. These classes are closed and are only available to members of Rapida Kids. Read more about the concept here.

How do I pay?

AvtaleGiro is a service for automatic payment of fixed bills. This means that when you have created an AvtaleGiro, your bank ensures that the bill is paid on the due date as long as there is money in the account. Membership is due on the 1st of each month, and payment applies to the current month.

You can choose to be invoiced by e-mail. To be invoiced via e-mail, you must contact one of our receptions.

For companies, we offer invoicing via EHF

Members without active AvtaleGiro are sent a paper invoice every month. This invoicing takes place via post and will therefore incur an invoicing fee of NOK 65 in addition to the membership fee.

For members who wanted to pay for a given period in one fell swoop. To arrange such a solution, contact the reception at your respective centre.

When our membership fee is not paid, this is transferred to our collection company. All questions about claims that have come here must be taken directly with the debt collection company.

No. The monthly payment is due on the 1st of the current month. Payment is in advance.

Booking and purchase of Drop-in

When you have booked squash included in the membership, you have the option of having one active booking, and each booking lasts 30 minutes. The booking system is set up so that one player books the first half hour, and the opposing player books the second half hour if you intend to play for 60 minutes. You can book a course 4 days in advance, and immediately after the appointment you have booked has been completed, you get access to book a new appointment.

If you are going to play squash with someone who does not have membership in Rapida, or who does not have squash included in their membership, you book the first half hour via your membership, and the opponent books the next half hour and pays the applicable price directly in the booking system.

We offer the rental of squash rackets at Rapida Sports Center within the center's staffing hours. To see updated and valid staffing times look here.


Racket rental 60 minutes: NOK 50
Squash balls are not rented out, but can be bought at reception and in a vending machine. 

The lessons are easily booked in the member app under "Booking". 

Drop-in training: NOK 199

Drop-in spa: NOK 230 including towel
NB: 18 years age limit. People under the age of 18 can also use the SPA, but only with an adult.

Drop-in Cageball
Primetime (15:00 to 24:00): NOK 550 / 45 minutes
Morning and weekend (08:00 to 15:00 + all of Saturday and Sunday): NOK 350 / 45 minutes

Drop-in Squash
Primetime (15:00 to 24:00): NOK 149 / 30 minutes
Morning (8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.): NOK 100 / 30 minutes

 See Short-term membership for a full overview and buy access for short periods


Choose your main centre

(This is only for having a connection to a main centre, with this you can train at all our training centers apart from Rapida Balance)