There are many reasons to work out with a personal trainer. Our skilled PTs, which you can read more about on this page, are ready to help you reach your training goals. All new members receive a free start-up session with PT. 


Get started with PT is an offer for those who want a good introduction to training at the centre. This package gives you hours of personal training and customized training to meet your needs and Wins.

NOK 1849 NOK

Number of hours PT level 1 PT level 2
1 hour NOK 599 / hour NOK 799 / hour
10 hours NOK 579 / hour NOK 779 / hour
20 hours NOK 539 / hour NOK 739 / hour
30 hours NOK 499 / hour NOK 699 / hour

prices and PT level

All our PTs have credit-bearing education in training and/or PT training. We have a solid PT team with broad and long experience. 

Personal trainers at level 1:

  • Completed PT training


Personal trainers at level 2:

  • Completed PT training
  • Completed over 100 PT hours

1. Find your PT

Find your PT below.

2. We set up your training programme

Together with your personal trainer, we tailor a training program and a plan to achieve your goals.

3. We start the training

After the program and plan are in place, we start the training. Here we emphasize close follow-up and proper training.


Sustainable PT is for everyone who wants follow-up from start to finish. A comprehensive training program that is divided into three different phases ensures correct training and good results.

The program is tailored to you and your goals, which means that the various phases vary from customer to customer.


Phase 1: Very close follow-up

Based on your life situation, previous training experience, needs and goals, we tailor a plan adapted to your goals and assumptions. The follow-up in phase 1 is defined as very close. The purpose is to create motivation for further training and ensure that the training is safe and effective.

Phase 1 consists of two hours with a personal trainer each week.


When phase 2 starts, you are well into training, you have already learned a lot and you are in better physical shape. At this point, much of the training should be independent. During this period, the focus shifts from learning new exercises and methods to training with higher load and intensity.

Phase 2 consists of one hour with a personal trainer each week.


In this phase, almost all training is independent, but you still have set up agreements with a personal trainer who checks that the good habits established in phases 1 and 2 are maintained. Our work is to make sure that the training you do is appropriate for the training goal you are working towards.

Phase 3 consists of one training session with a personal trainer each month.


Tilde Moland

Being a personal trainer is so much more than just guiding people through workouts. My role as your personal trainer is to be your supporter, your motivator and your guide. Together, we will work to achieve your goals and overcome any challenges along the way. It is important to me that the training is a fun and rewarding experience, where you not only build strong relationships with me as your personal trainer, but also with other members. Together, we will design the optimal training program for you, which takes into account your current level and your goals.




  • Personal Trainer at Nord University


Main center


Lars Daniel Gruvman

To me, being a personal trainer means seeing you for who you are. Get to know you as a person, your goals and any limitations. It's not about turning everyday life upside down, but rather about sharing knowledge and making small changes, so that together we manage to create an everyday life that you enjoy today, but also for many years to come.

My expertise lies in the rehabilitation of injuries and limitations in muscles and joints.

Lars also has considerable experience in sports.

20 years as a martial artist

10 years as an instructor
3 years as Daily Manager in Nidaros Kickboxing Club





  • Certified Personal Trainer at the Academy for Personal Training
  • Certified Dietitian at the Academy for Personal Training
  • Certified Rehab Trainer at the Academy for Personal Training
  • Coach 1 course in kickboxing at the Norwegian Kickboxing Association


Main center

Carmen Pedersen

As a personal trainer, I am concerned with giving you motivation and a sense of mastery through training. I will set up a training program based on your goals and wishes, whether it should be better health, lose weight, increase strength or build muscle. I will help you in the process to reach the goal you have set for yourself and further develop the goal.


  • 1 year PT study at Nord University


Main center


Thomas Bakke

I am a personal trainer at Rapida.

I have experience from various sports and in strength training. If you have a goal or desire in training, whether it's weight loss, endurance, strength or general health, I can help you.

I am concerned that training should be fun and that you should achieve your goals. Together we will tailor a program based on your level and objectives. Through my course of study, I have gained expertise in strength training, endurance training, powerlifting, muscle building and rehabilitation of sports injuries. I want us to create a good relationship, this so that we can set the best possible goals for you.


  • 1 year PT study at Nord University
  • Bachelor in Training at Nord University (currently studying)

  • Trains 1 weightlifting course at Nord University


Main center

Malin Sørensen

For me, it is important to create a good relationship with the customer, and spend time getting to know each other, in order to be able to set some good goals together. With a professional background in social work, and further education in mental health, I know that thoughts and feelings affect both motivation and behaviour, therefore I believe that communication around this is an advantage in a training context. 

I always aim for the training to give a feeling of mastery and motivation. My best qualities are listening, giving good advice and adapting the training in a good way. I am keen to have a good dialogue with my customer. I am passionate about my client's enjoyment and an exciting and varied session depending on their level.


  • 1 year PT study at Nord University
  • Bachelor in Child Protection
  • Further education in mental health
  • Master of Health Sciences (in progress)


Main center


Ole-Johnny Johansen

Ole-Johnny Johansen is a personal trainer.

He has over 25 years of varied experience from sports and training, both as an athlete, trainer and manager.
If you want to get in better shape, become stronger or perhaps lose weight, he can help you with that. Your own personal goals form the basis for an individually adapted training program. Structured and targeted activity over time is a prerequisite for progress, whether it concerns increased strength, muscle growth, better fitness, weight reduction or lifestyle change.

Ole-Johnny is concerned that the training should be functional, challenging, varied and adapted to the individual's requirements and level. The results must be measurable, you must experience mastery and, not least, the training must be motivating and profitable. Offers both individual PT lessons and PT duo (two people/couple).


  • Certified Personal Trainer, Academy for Personal Training
  • CrossFit Level 1 Course, CrossFit Training and Education
  • Instructor Spinning
  • Coaches handball
  • Certified Functional Fitness Trainer, Academy for Personal Training


Main center

Håkon Nordahl-Pedersen

In my work as a personal trainer, I am concerned that exercise and physical activity should be fun, motivating and part of the individual's lifestyle. Results from training are a great driving force for me, and I will tailor a training program together with you, so that you reach your goals. I guarantee that you will have more energy and surplus in everyday life, through training that you experience as meaningful and that you feel that you are mastering. Through my education, I have expertise in strength training, muscle building, powerlifting, endurance training, team training, as well as habilitation training. If you want help to take your training to a new level and get more out of it, I am here for you.


  • Bachelor in Training at Nord University
  • Trainer 1 course weightlifting Nord University


Main center

Kristine Engan

Kristine has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. Both as PT, group instructor and pedagogue. She is keen to see the whole of you and find out your needs and goals. Together you create a plan that is perceived as motivating and, not least, feasible. Lifestyle changes take time and with Kristine as PT, you get a tailored training program that feels right for you. Kristine also has extensive experience from training after illness, pregnancy and injury. 


On a daily basis, Kristine works as a public health coordinator in Bodø municipality.


  • Bachelor in dance, Nord University 
  • Bachelor in sports, Nord University and Nesna
  • Public health work, Nord University 
  • Management, Nord University
  • Kettlebells
  • Training instructor
  • Pilates
  • Group training
  • Water training

Main center

Hege Skåren

With over 20 years' experience in the fitness industry, I took the leap at the age of 40 and trained with PT. I have a burning heart for exercise and what physical activity can give both body and mind. With organized physical activity, your everyday life will become both easier and richer. With me as a PT, you will get training that fits into your everyday life, together we build surplus to take care of the most important things in your life; namely your health. Your health is the prerequisite for everything else in life. With me, all possibilities are open, whether you want to train one to one, duo (partner training) or in a group. Remember that the simplest is often the best when it comes to training.


  • Certification as a Personal Trainer, Nord University

  • Sports Undergraduate, Nord University

  • Health professional with further training in Maternity and Childcare

  • Pregnancy therapist

  • Coach 1 (Handball)

  • Training day

  • Group training instructor

  • Course certificate in Physical activity and health, Motivational conversation technique (director, Exercise is medicine Norway)  


Main center


Anders Tjarandsen

Anders Tjærandsen is a personal trainer and osteopath.

He has worked as PT for over 10 years, including at Nimi Ullevål. Anders has trained people of all ages with varied objectives. His primary field of interest is exercise with a focus on health, as well as help if you experience uncertainty about exercise and activity as a result of pain and ailments. He wants to help so that the training is experienced as meaningful and contributes to increased energy and surplus in everyday life. For Anders, it is important that you are involved in the planning so that the training is always adapted to your goals and requirements. To ensure development, the training will be challenging, but always at a level where you experience both mastery and training enjoyment.


  • Further education in osteopathy, Høyskolen Kristiania
  • Bachelor's degree in osteopathy, Høyskolen Kristiania
  • Annual unit of basic medicine, Høyskolen Kristiania
  • Certification as a personal trainer, Nesna University College


Main center


Gunnar Bjørntvedt

Gunnar is a personal trainer. 

Gunnar has over 5 years of experience in training. If you want to build muscle, burn fat or simply get more out of your training, he has the knowledge to help you. The main focus is results and adapting the training for each individual, as everyone has different starting points and needs. He has been involved in various sports and has a lot to contribute. Gunnar is ready to give his all for all his clients so that they give their all during the PT class and when they train alone.


  • Certification as a Personal Trainer, Academy or Personal Training
  • TRX – Sling
  • Baseball center core
  • Yoga Exercised for Core Strength and Flexibility
  • Coaching styles and Techniques

Main center

Foto: Fotograf Mats Jensaas


Arnulf Imingen

Arnulf E. Imingen has many years of experience as a personal trainer.
For eight years, he has run FitCamp courses, which consist of circuit training with and without weights. He is concerned with public health and lifestyle change, and that the customers should learn a lot about both exercise and themselves in the classes. He sets up pleasure-based training, whether it is normal PT, PT in a duo or in a group. Arnulf is of the opinion that there are no shortcuts. Strength training, lifestyle change and weight reduction take time, and targeted work over time is what creates results and a sense of mastery.


  • Certification as a personal trainer, Academy of Personal Training

  • Weight Trainer, AFPT

  • Further education basic and strength training (Nord University) 

  • Sports, annual study HiNe

Main center


Ellen H. Tørdal

Ellen Haugen Tørdal is a personal trainer.
If you want to "get in better shape", learn to train strength and/or fitness, you are welcome to Ellen! Ellen finds a form of training that suits the individual, based on professional competence and sincere commitment. Ellen works towards creating a feeling of mastery and enjoyment of training. After many years of experience working with people, she has learned the importance of meeting the customer where she/he is, both physically and mentally. Ellen wants the training to have a positive effect on your everyday life, and for you to experience our joint efforts as an investment in your own health and quality of life. What I am most passionate about is strength training, cardio training (running) and training of the core muscles.


  • Personal Trainer at the Norwegian Sports Academy

  • Diet and Training at the Norwegian Sports Academy

  • TRX Basic sling course

  • TRX "Suspension Training Course"

  • BasisBall Center Core

  • TriggerPoint Foam Rolling

Main center

Foto: Fotograf Mats Jensaas


Håkon André Mehus

Håkon is an exercise physiologist and personal trainer. 

Håkon has a scientific approach to training and sets up the training according to each individual's needs. Håkon is passionate about you reaching your training goals through strength training or endurance training or a combination of both. It is important to Håkon that the customers experience a sense of mastery and joy when exercising, and that this is the key to achieving lifelong enjoyment of movement. Håkon wants to share his knowledge so that you get a broader understanding of training your own body. 


  • Master's Exercise Physiology NTNU, Trondheim
  • Bachelor Sports University College at Nesna
  • Annual study in Sports Biology NIH, Oslo
  • Online study Sports nutrition Uia, Kristiansand


Main center


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