Lactate profile

Do you want to raise the level of your training? Rapida offers physiological tests that give you the information you need to optimize the intensity of your training.


Testing your lactate profile provides information on how high the lactate threshold is. The lactate threshold is defined as the highest intensity at which you are able to run without a build-up of lactic acid. A lactate profile gives you favorable information about your performance level in endurance sports, and can help you to ensure the quality of your training and optimize your training intensity during endurance training.

The testing is carried out as running on a treadmill and includes measurement of lactate profile and measurement of maximum heart rate (optional). The test forms the basis for threshold heart rate, threshold speed and calculation of intensity zones for endurance training. The test begins with a 10-15 minute warm-up at a low intensity, followed by four to five 5-minute intervals, with a gradual increase from moderate to high intensity. Between each interval, the lactate concentration in the blood is measured. After completing the lactate profile test, a short maximum pulse test is carried out consisting of 4-6 minutes of running until exhaustion at a gradually increasing intensity.

All physiological tests at Rapida are carried out by our exercise physiologist Glenn Trane. Glenn graduated with a master's degree in exercise physiology from NTNU, where he has specialized in endurance testing. Glenn has received his training and certification from some of the foremost in the world in endurance testing, and himself has several years of experience with physiological testing of both athletes and exercisers.

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Lactate profile + incl. maximum heart rate (optional): NOK 1299 
Max heart rate: NOK 699 

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