Rapida's offer for the business market

Rapida currently has training agreements with a number of business players in the region.
Everyone has an agreement where the employees get a discounted price for training with us.
This covers the individual to varying degrees. Due to the positive effect training has on the working environment, sickness absence and the individual's health, many employers support training work.

Covered membership with Rapida

We have several different models where the employer covers part or all of the training fee. This can be done in many different ways and models. Regardless of which model you want, you will automatically be sent a clear invoice with the details of the chipping every month. 

Examples of ways in which sponsorship can be done:

  1. A given amount is sponsored per training up to a maximum amount.
  2. A given amount is sponsored.
  3. A given amount is sponsored based on x number of trainings.

Regardless of which model you choose, Rapida's system will automatically generate an invoice based on the model without any administration for the customer.

Group training sessions

Many of our member companies have regular training at Rapida.
This could be: 

We believe this can make a big difference for the company's employees. It strengthens cohesion in addition to having a positive health effect. This is often what is needed for many to also prioritize health and exercise over and above participating in joint activities.

Training during working hours

To ensure the effect of training, some of our customers have set aside time in the day for their employees to train. This is often because they have seen the positive contributions the training makes, and that setting aside time in the day ensures that the individual prioritizes this. We will also be able to give better prices for renting premises during the day than we do in 'prime time'.

Own fitness center

Your company, association etc. can agree times of the day when all employees or members have access to our training centres. We provide time-limited access for everyone, and we can set up group lessons that are reserved for your employees or members.

This is particularly suitable for companies that work in shifts, so that you can do this early in the day. Then there is far better capacity at our centers than in the evening.

Company visit

We are happy to come and visit your company.

Then we can inform your employees about our training centers and different types of membership. And about what type of group training may be relevant.

Our PTs can also provide information on different types of exercise and diet.


Company training is a welfare benefit that helps to both retain and recruit good employees.
Such an offer shows the employees that the employer prioritizes their health and has a desire for a good working environment. 
Activity provides physical and mental surplus, this increases work capacity and the ability to cope with stress, which in turn increases efficiency at work.

Contact arnulf for a corporate agreement

Telephone: 959 68 084
Email: arnulf@rapida.no

Foto: Fotograf Mats Jensaas

Choose your main centre

(This is only for having a connection to a main centre, with this you can train at all our training centers apart from Rapida Balance)