Rapida young - get started at the training centre

We offer a start in have created a start-up course that everyone between the ages of 13 and 15 must complete before they can start training with us. The course aims to provide the following knowledge:

  1. How to exercise safely at the gym
  2. How to warm up
  3. How to train strength
  4. How to exercise fitness
  5. Behavior and order in the training center
We offer the course both 1 to 1 with a personal trainer, and in groups.
If you want the course completed 1 to 1 with a personal trainer, this can be booked directly with you post@rapida.no


Once the course has been completed, membership can be established with us. Since this is a membership for someone under 18, we need information on both the person who will train, but also the person who will be responsible for paying.

Payment and invoice

Once the membership has been established, the payer receives a start-up invoice by e-mail and SMS. This can be paid in Vipps or in the online bank. This will be for the remaining time in the current month + the entire next month. The start-up invoice will not be drawn via AvtaleGiro. Link for signing AvtaleGiro is sent immediately after registration. 

Course overview

We regularly run courses in groups, you can find an overview of the courses by clicking on the course overview button. We remind you that we also offer the course 1 to 1


Choose your main centre

(This is only for having a connection to a main centre, with this you can train at all our training centers apart from Rapida Balance)