Waterwell comes to Rapida

On January 10, 2022, Waterwell will come to Rapida. Waterwell is a new and green concept that we are very pleased to introduce to our gyms

WATERWELL™️ is a unique solution for those who want to drink healthier, and cut down on the use of disposable bottles. The water has no added sugar and has close to zero calories. The ice-cold filtered water is bottled directly in recyclable stainless steel Smart bottles. This saves the environment from waste of disposable plastic bottles.

WATERWELL™️ is an intelligent dispenser that delivers chilled, filtered and fresh water. You can choose whether energy, vitamins, carbonation or selected flavors should be added. The dispenser delivers water from your local water source.

You must have one WATERWELL™️ Smart bottle to be able to use the dispenser. With an NFC tag at the bottom of the bottle, the dispenser recognizes the Smart bottle. WATERWELL™️ Smart bottle is made of "food grade" stainless steel and is 100% recyclable. It also contains no harmful substances.

WATERWELL is sold as a monthly membership, and will be deducted in the same way as your gym membership. The membership gives free access to fill the bottle. Access is for personal use.

WATERWELL will initially be sold and available at the following centres:

Rapida Sports Centre
Rapida Balance
Rapida Dairy Quarter
Rapida Alsgård
CrossFit Alsgård


Waterwell smart bottle:
NOK 199 

Waterwell Membership:
NOK 99 per month

The cost of the Waterwell smart washer is a one-off cost.



Choose your main centre

(This is only for having a connection to a main centre, with this you can train at all our training centers apart from Rapida Balance)