Rapida Carbon Grips

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The product is made of carbon fiber leather, with a Velcro strap and Rapida logo on the inside palm.

The grips come in their own zip-lock bag, and are available in 4 different sizes - Small, Medium, Large and XL. It is undoubtedly Medium and Large that are used the most regardless of gender.

These are very suitable for training with a bar and pullup/chinup exercises. Rapida Carbon Grip is gentle on the palm, and gives you a good grip regardless of the intensity! Grips are consumables, and will not last forever - but these are of very high quality. You can expect these not to stretch much, but they will mold to your hand after some use. NB: If you use these, you must use rods with tape on them, or rods that have been sandblasted, they will wear out faster.


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