BootyBuilder mini bands 3 pack



Booty Builder Mini Bands help you achieve your goals.

  • Top quality rubber, which does not lose strength after repeated training sessions. These training tights are used by commercial players worldwide and this places high demands on durability. Only the best rubber is good enough.
  • 3 knitting needles with different resistance levels. RED is LIGHT, BLACK is MEDIUM and ORANGE is HEAVY. Use the color that suits you and your training program best, and increase from RED to ORANGE in a short time!
  • Train wherever you want. With Booty Builder Mini Bands you can train anywhere, whether it's at the gym, at home in the living room, out in nature or on holiday.
  • Compact and practical. These exclusive elastics come in a practical and nice bag, which ensures easy storage and protection from sunlight.
  • Suitable for everyone. Even top athletes will get a tough workout with these training tights. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, Booty Builder Mini Bands will help you reach your goals. Wear them around the knees while doing hip thrusts or squats, or for other types of exercises. The choice is yours!


Resistance level of the elastics:

  • RED: 11-13 kg
  • BLACK: 15-17 kg
  • ORANGE: 20-23 kg

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