Warrior workshop with Kristin Holte

Set the date 2.-3. April 2022.
Then the queen of CrossFit and Functional training will come to us to hold two workshops.

Ever since her breakthrough back in 2013, Kristin Holte has been among the world's very best-trained women. The highlight itself came in 2019 when she took silver in the CrossFit Games. With that, she was able to adorn herself with the title "Second Fittest Woman on Earth 2019."

But the track record does not stop there, for the woman who for almost a decade has been a dominant figure in the sport. Few have delivered such consistently good results at the top, such as Holte, as evidenced by seven straight top 10 positions from the CrossFit WC and two WC gold medals as an individual in Functional Fitness. In addition, she also has a King's Cup from Functional Fitness-NM in 2021 to show for it.

In April, she will come to Bodø and CrossFit Alsgård to hold her very own Kriger Workshop.
Here, she will give us lots of good tips and advice on the way to becoming even better at CrossFit, whether you are a beginner or experienced. We will work with elements both within endurance, weight lifting and body weight training. There will be lots of good training and this workshop is suitable for everyone regardless of training background and level.
Finally, Kristin will review and tell a little about her journey to the top - and answer any questions you may have.



Date: Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 April 2022.
Point: 10:00-14:00

Place: CrossFit Alsgård – Notveien 17, 8013 Bodø

Price: NOK 1,699 for one day.
Number of places: 15

How do I register?

  1. Log in to the Rapida app
  2. Go to the "department" Rapida Alsgård - and scroll over to the date 2 or 3 April
  3. Click on "Kriger Workshop with Kristin Holte" and add to the shopping cart.
  4. Pay with Vipps.
  5. You are now registered! 😄

Do you have any questions? Contact Stefan Revang at stefan@rapida.no


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