Current guidelines at Rapida

Dear member and user of Rapida.
We are super happy that we have gained the trust of the government so that the centers remain open.

With regard to the new restrictions that apply until the night of 15 January 2022, we ask you to:
☑️Remember to register in the app when you come to training
☑️Stay at home if you have symptoms of illness!
☑️Disinfect your hands on arrival and when you leave the centre.
☑️There must be a minimum distance of 1 meter to others in the center at all times and 2 meters distance at high intensity.
☑️Please arrive after your change, and put on clean indoor shoes at the entrance. The cloakrooms are open, but have a limit on the maximum number of people at the same time.

On the wardrobe door you will find instructions on the maximum number of people who can be in the changing room at the same time. This varies from center to center and depends on the size of the various changing rooms. Thank you for respecting this.

In the period up to 15 January no physical group lessons of any kind will be held in Rapida. We are working on a solution to be able to arrange digital lessons during the period, and we will get back to you soon with information about this.

We increases the staffing hours at the centers so that we can follow up the centers closely, and make sure that all users follow the infection control rules - updated staffing times can be found here:
Rapida Sports Centre
Rapida Balance
Rapida Dairy Quarter
Rapida Alsgård
(Rapida Performance and CrossFit Alsgård will be unmanned during the period). 

At CrossFit Alsgård all our members receive "Session of the Day" through the Beyond The Whiteboard app. This app is included with your CrossFit membership.

The session contains a warm-up, a strength part and an endurance part. All exercises are well explained through text and videos. In addition, our two main instructors are available for questions/inquiries if necessary.

Our SPA department on Rapida Balance is open during the centre's staffing hours. Here you can relax in 3 different saunas and a hot tub. The SPA department has a maximum limit of 10 people.

The squash courts at Rapida Sports Center is open for booking. You can either do this via membership or drop.

Booking is done easily in the app

Ours personal trainers still running hours as normal. Contact a PT if you need help to get started with exercise. 

Finally, we ask everyone to follow the guidelines carefully. We know that it's easy to forget, and then it's nice if we all contribute and remind each other to follow infection control in a pleasant way if you see that someone forgets. Then together we create a safe training environment for everyone, both members and employees of Rapida.
We update with current rules and guidelines and staffing times

Choose your main centre

(This is only for having a connection to a main centre, with this you can train at all our training centers apart from Rapida Balance)