Covid-19 – December 2021

New national guidelines to prevent further infection of the Covid-19 virus in Norway

Last night the government presented new measures to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. In connection with this, we as an industry must take some measures. 

Rapida will operate as normal, and all centers with all facilities are open.
At the centres, the following will apply, and it is very important that all members/users follow these orders:

  1. Register on arrival
  2. Do not come to training if you feel ill
  3. Number limit for use of the cloakroom (notices will hang on the cloakroom doors)
  4. A distance of at least 1 meter must be kept from others


We will update at any time with current regulations.

We expect everyone to follow these orders so that Rapida remains open throughout this time.


Martin Berg Rindahl
General manager Rapida Bodø


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