Booking of Cageball

What is Cageball?

Cageball is ordinary football that is played on an artificial turf field that has a 1 meter wall around the entire field. Above the glove, the entire court is covered with netting. This means that the ball is in play at all times.
Our courts are 23 meters long and 15 meters wide.
We recommend playing 4 against 4. 

Booking of track

We have 2 Cageball courts on Rapida Sports Centre.

We offer drop-in and fixed training agreements.

Drop-in primetime: NOK 550 / 45 min.
Drop-in morning and weekend: NOK 350 / 45 min.
6-month fixed training agreement: NOK 500 / 45 min.
12-month fixed training agreement: NOK 450 / 45 min.

Drop-in can be booked easily in the app, and paid directly with Vipps. Booking of a permanent training agreement is done by contacting us via the button below.

NOTE: Balls and vests are not rented out.


Choose your main centre

(This is only for having a connection to a main centre, with this you can train at all our training centers apart from Rapida Balance)